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The Health Benefits of Dance By Samantha Hilsenrod

14 Dec

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I enjoy learning dance techniques not just for the pure enjoyment of the activity and the rich history that it represents, but also for the incredible health benefits that dancers enjoy. While most people would not immediately classify dance as a form of exercise, it has a wide-ranging impact on the body, increasing endurance and strength while developing flexibility and promoting better moods.

Dance places a large physical demand on the body, forcing muscles to execute precise movement over and over again. Many novice dancers find it difficult to practice for long periods of time without fatigue. With practice, the dancer’s muscles quickly gain endurance, especially with ballroom dancing and other form that require vigorous movements. Muscles also acquire strength as they begin to propel the dancer stronger and farther. Jazz and ballet force dancers to leap high and far, training their major leg muscles to exert the power necessary to execute such maneuvers. Male dancers must often lift their partners over their head and turn them, seemingly without effort. Such actions necessitate extraordinary muscle strength.

As with any aerobic exercise, dance also provides several benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system, offering protection against multiple diseases and building basic immunity.

Dance classes generally begin with stretching exercises, training the dancers’ muscles to extend further and promoting a fuller range of motion. Flexibility reduces an individual’s chance of injury, improves posture, and discourages soreness after exercising.

As a team form of exercise, dance increases self-esteem, confidence, and a basic feeling of self-empowerment. Through dance, individuals interact about a common passion, which reduces stress and reinforces senses of belonging and overall happiness.

I encourage everyone who has not done so already to take a dance class and experience its many cultural, social, and physical benefits.