A Look at Ariel Publicity, by Samantha Hilsenrod

30 Mar

Headquartered in Brooklyn, Ariel Publicity provides clients with cyber public relations services. Primarily representing musical artists, this firm understands the importance of using the Internet to spread the word about products and individuals. Along with developing a strong social media presence, this online-exclusive public relations company books the people who hire it on podcasts, blogs, and Internet radio stations. Moreover, Ariel Publicity develops virtual press kits containing pertinent information about the artist, as well as free mp3s, that it sends to numerous websites. Some of its clients have been featured on Billboard.com, All Media, and other popular pages.

Ariel Publicity understands the benefits of online publicity in reaching the right customers. Rather than trying to connect with everyone, the Internet makes it possible to target materials to those persons most likely to be interested in the service. This leads to enhanced cost effectiveness and better hit results.

About the Author:

A graduate of Tulane University, Samantha Hilsenrod earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Spanish. During one of her summers while in college, Hilsenrod interned with Ariel Publicity where she started public relations campaigns and created virtual press kits for its clients.

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