Samantha Hilsenrod: A Brief Overview of St. Martin’s Press

9 Feb

A recent graduate of New Orleans’ Tulane University, Samantha Hilsenrod majored in communications and Spanish. Following her junior year, Ms. Hilsenrod interned at St. Martin’s Press in its Minotaur division in New York.

St. Martin’s Press began 60 years ago in the United Kingdom. Today, the company operates as a subsidiary of Macmillan in New York’s Flat Iron Building. St. Martin’s Press focuses on new and emerging authors and publishes a diverse collection of works.

The company annually publishes more than 800 volumes under multiple imprints, including Thomas Dunne Books, Minotaur, St. Martin’s Griffin, and St. Martin’s Press. Thomas Dunne books encompass the categories of non-fiction, mainstream fiction, and suspense. Minotaur includes thrillers, mystery, and suspense. St. Martin’s Griffin issues mainstream paperbacks in the romance, science fiction, and young adult genres. The St. Martin’s Press imprint appears on volumes of non-fiction bestsellers and popular fiction. Due to the large amount of books that St. Martin’s Press releases annually, the publisher ranks among the largest of America’s publishing houses.

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